Google is rolling out new ways to search

Google is once again changing the way people get information on the internet. 

The search engine announced two major updates that utilize artificial intelligence to help people find what they are looking for. 

The first update will allow users on mobile devices to circle, highlight, tap or scribble on an image, and Google says its AI technology will provide information about the picture. The search function doesn’t just work on images. Google says people can also circle texts or videos and it will provide them with information about their selections. 

This feature will be rolled out on Jan. 31 on select Android smartphones. 

You don’t need an Android phone to utilize the second update, which allows people to use their phone’s camera to search for information. People can now take a picture of something or upload a photo using the Google app, and the search function will provide information about what’s in the image. 

Google gave an example of when this feature could come in handy.

“Imagine you’re at a yard sale and you come across an unfamiliar board game,” the company said. “Just take a picture of the game, add your question (“How do you play this?”), and you’ll get an AI-powered overview that brings together the most relevant information from across the web.”

Google says the two updates are the result of about a year of testing in the generative AI space. The company says it continues to experiment and has plans to roll out even more new features eventually.