Fully customizable PS5 controller marketed to those with disabilities

After years of development, Sony says its PlayStation controller designed for those unable to hold a controller for long periods of time is finally ready. 

The Access controller was released on Wednesday for $89.99 and is “a highly customizable accessibility controller kit designed to help gamers overcome these challenges so they can play more comfortably and for longer periods.” 

Makers of the controller say it is extremely versatile as players can tailor their experience to fit their needs best. The controller can be used on flat services, such as a wheelchair tray. 

“At Sony Interactive Entertainment, we strive to build a future for players of all abilities. We use technology to advance accessibility tools, products and services for our PlayStation community, and to guide our mission: to connect the world through the power of play.” said Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Additionally, Sony released specifications for those who want to print button and stick caps using a 3D printer. 

Makers say it generally takes users about 7-10 days of use to acclimate to the controller. 

“The accessibility organizations and experts we consulted gave us invaluable feedback since the early days of the project,” Sony said. “This ranged from physical challenges we needed to account for in the controller’s design to hands-on evaluation of prototypes and guidance on third-party devices to test for compatibility. This project simply would not be possible without their support and insights.”

XBOX also has an adaptive controller that can be customized with the help of a phone app. It sells for $99.99 and can be used for Xbox Series X, Xbox One or Windows.