Cyberattack forces loan servicer Mr. Cooper to shut down systems

Mr. Cooper, a popular mortgage lender in the U.S., said it suffered a cyberattack on Oct. 31 that forced it to lock down its systems, preventing customers from paying their mortgages or loans for nearly a week. 

The company posted an announcement about the incident on its website. An update Monday said the systems were still shut down, but Mr. Cooper has updated some of its payment options while it continues to address the problem. 

Customers can now submit payments by phone or mail, through Western Union or MoneyGram, or through a one-time web payment. The company said it will not be charging any late fees or administering any penalties. 

Mr. Cooper did not know if any data had been compromised in the security breach but said customers would be notified and given identity protection services if so. 

The company also said the incident will not cause any loan terms to change for its customers. 

According to its website, Mr. Cooper has 4.3 million customers nationwide and is the third-largest loan servicer in the country.