ChatGPT can now hear you, speak to you and search the internet

ChatGPT, a popular artificial intelligence chatbot, will now be able to see, hear and speak, as well as browse the internet to provide users with current information. 

Until now, the system was only able to retrieve data up to September 2021 and read text conversations. 

OpenAI, the Microsoft-backed company behind the chatbot, said the system will even provide direct links to information found on the world wide web as it searches for information.

The company said this makes ChatGPT more useful for tasks like planning a vacation or technical research. 

The new voice conversation feature will also be rolling out to users soon, where they can have real-time conversations with the chatbot and have it talk back. 

OpenAI said users will even be able to send a picture to the chatbot and ask a question about it. For example, if you’re traveling and see a landmark, you can snap a picture to ChatGPT and it can send back information about it. 

The rollouts are expected to start happening in two weeks, OpenAI said.